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Long-term care for people with chronic illnesses and disabilities presents an urgent challenge around the world. The burden placed on unpaid family carers is immense and has a direct impact on their physical health, mental and emotional wellbeing and economic security. Carers Worldwide highlights the vital role played by carers. We advocate for their inclusion in mainstream development programmes and the development of carer-specific services.

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#HumansCare | Courage to Face the Challenges of Caring

#HumansCare | Courage to Face the Challenges of Caring

Kotramma from Muddaballi Village, Karnataka is 35-years old and cares for her 16-year old daughter, Yashodha who has learning disabilities. Living in the same household are Kotramma’s husband, Neelappa, and their 8-year old daughter, Kasturi. Yashodha attends school...

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