Through local partners, Carers Worldwide implements programmes based on our holistic model of recognition and services for unpaid family carers. We also offer training and consultancy services to national and international level organisations.


Carers Worldwide is working in India with three partner organisations – NBJK, SACRED and SAMUHA – and has conducted a pilot project with a fourth – the Elders for Elders Foundation. These programmes have directly impacted the lives of over 2,500 carers as well as their cared-for relatives.


Carers Worldwide works in partnership with two organisations in Nepal – LEADS Nepal and Cerebral Palsy Nepal (SGCP). Our programmes are transforming the lives of 2,200 family carers of children and adults with disabilities or mental health needs, as well as those for whom they care.


We have a new project currently under development in Bangladesh, which will work with carers of children and adults with a range of disabilities in and around Dhaka.