Support for Child Carers

Child carers in India, Nepal and Bangladesh are missing out on their childhood. They are confined to the house helping to dress, feed or bathe their parents, grandparents or siblings. They take care of household tasks including cooking, cleaning and child care. In many cases nobody outside of their family is aware of their situation. Even then, there is no state provision, community support or safety net for them. These young persons, mainly girls, often find themselves having to drop out of school in order to perform their caring responsibilities.

We believe it is essential that all child carers should regain their childhood. 

Through our work, we help child carers by finding ways for them to re-enter school or by looking for other ways in which they can continue with their education e.g. through home tutoring. We also assist with providing books and school supplies for the child carers as the financial situation of their households is usually under intense pressure due to the medical needs of the person receiving care. In addition to focusing on the education of child carers, we also establish child carer groups, bringing children together and providing counselling to help them to overcome physical and mental health issues.

To ensure that we can continue to provide this invaluable to support to the lives of child carers, consider making a donation today.

Make a donation

£5 – can send a child carer back to school for one month

£50 – a year helps to enable one child to attend private tuition that works around their caring duties, pay for all the books and stationary they need for their studies, and provide opportunities for them to meet up with other young carers